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Sun City Concert Band Support


March 10th, 2016-What a fun and successful fundraising evening for HHS Band!  We are so fortunate to have such wonderful and caring support from our community neighbors, the Sun City Concert Band!   Once per year, the folks in the Sun City Concert Band hold a combined concert fundraising event where they match up to $1,000 in donations collected during this 2-hour concert event.  In addition to this match, they also award two summer camp scholarships to our band students.  This year, they awarded one more for a total of three.  Then to wrap up this amazing event, the Sun City Concert Band plays at the end of the concert evening with the HHS band students in Wind Ensemble A. 


With a BIG thanks to all the band student families and friends who so generously donated that evening, plus the $1,000 match, a total of just over $3,100 was raised!


The three scholarships awarded, in memory of a Sun City Band member who passed away in June, were:  Jazz Band Camp...Andrew Ossler!   Concert Band Camp...Peyton Kerley and Rebecca Green!


The musicians of the Sun City Concert Band really enjoy this event with our kids and we, as students, parents and community are so fortunate to have their devotion and caring support!

UPDATE 4-13-16!

Mr. Carter shared with us how the funds from this fundraiser are being used.  

 * Purchase of quality metal mutes for our brass.  

 * Repairs have been made to several of our school instruments to bring them to better playing shape.

 * Tuning of our vibe keys.

 * Purchase of a DTX 

 * Purchase of new music for the next school year

The rest (about half) has been saved for future unforeseen circumstances and needs for the HHS Band Program.

Thank you for your support!